Create Colors in Harmony with Ease in Illustrator CS5



In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast I'll show you how to create colors that look good together using Illustrator's Color Guide feature. 


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2 Replies to “Create Colors in Harmony with Ease in Illustrator CS5”

  1. This tool is very helpful, but you kind of need a base idea of what colors you should go with at the beginning of a project. Sometimes, that’s defined by the client, other times it’s wide open.

    For inspiration and starting points, I love or the built-in panels for Kuler. Pantone also has some great resources for starting points. Every year, they put out a list of colors that are ‘Hot’ or are en vogue – geared mostly to the fashion industry, but nevertheless, relevant to the design industry in whole.

    For more inspiration, Johannes Itten is the master of Color Theory and his books go over all of the harmonies that you see in the Color Wheel in Illustrator’s Recolor Artwork tool.

  2. Hi Terry…

    First of all, I am sorry if my English isn’t quite good.. I am from Denmark, so I am not speaking English Fluently..

    I have a problem in Illustrator… I have attached a link to a movie to demonstrate the problem: When I have my current logo design, and I expand and merge it so every visible object are individually separated, I thought that it would be possible for me to scale it in any size without any disturbance.. The thing is that when I scale down the logo in illustrator, the logo gets deformed and when I scale it up again it keeps the deformation..

    The funny thing is, that when I import the logo by copy/paste it into InDesign as a Vectorized image, and then copy it from InDesign into Illustrator again; The logo can be resized in any way without trouble..

    I really don’t understand what I have done wrong.. Please help me and if you need to see the .ai file I can send it to you..

    Then I may have a request for an update to the new CS6 upcoming.. OSX Lion has this great function that you can use applications in full size, so that they don’t use the desktop, but a “window” for it self… That could be a great thing for Adobe Applications, since we are using Bridge and Mini Bridge to Import photos..

    Another thing that could be extremely nice, is that the Lion OSX also have a feature to “save” the current and ongoing production so that if the power suddenly goes of, you don’t lose all the work because you forgot to save.. If there is any kind of API for that from Apple, it could be nice also to have in Adobe CS6…

    I really hope to hear from you soon, since I have a client waiting for the logo

    Best Regards

    Philip Jens Bramsted

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