Charge your iPad and Phone at the Same Time

I'm always on the look out for ways to reduce the number of chargers I travel with and while I have found some great 4 Port USB Chargers in the past the one thing they all seem to lack is the 5V 2 AMP (10W) power requirement for the iPad. Granted the iPad will still charge on the lesser current, but it will take longer. Recently I found a dual USB charger that has one port that operates at the higher voltage. The other USB port is a standard 5V 1 Amp port for your other USB devices such as your cellphone. This is GREAT! This means that I can charge my iPad 2 at full speed and still have a port to charge my phone. The other requirement I have is that any charger I buy has to also work on the higher powered International plugs and this one does (with an appropriate wall plug adapter).

I have replaced my standard iPad white chargers with these for on the road. Yes it comes with a sync cable too. The only annoyance is the bright blue LED that lets you know it's plugged in. You know how I feel about LEDs 🙂

You can get the Dual Port USB Charger here for about $12 or here on eBay for about $12.

A standard Apple iPad charger retails for $29 (granted it does come with a long cord too).


Here's one for the Car too:

Order it here.

14 Replies to “Charge your iPad and Phone at the Same Time”

  1. I love it when you find these little gems..thanks for having the best blog on the internet!

  2. Very cool Terry.
    I will be getting a few of the ASAP.
    I was not able to see the link for the Car version though, that will help a lot.

  3. Terry, as Dave said, it’s great when you find all these wonderful small adapters that we all want! But I, too, was unable to find the car adapter which is what I’d REALLY like! The blog ends with “Here’s one for the Car to:” and there’s no link or icon after that …

  4. Thanks again Terry for helping with cool devices. Amazon is out of stock, but the eBay vendor still has some left.


  5. I bought this same one off amazon about 3 weeks ago. I charged my iPad off each USB for an hour and the charge went up the same percentage for each. So I’m not sure there is a difference between the two. Terry have you seen a difference? It also seems it doesn’t charge as fast as the iPad charger. I ended up putting tape over the blue led. Couldn’t stand the light at night. Still glad I bought it though. Nice being able to charge both at same time off one charger.

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