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  1. Hey Terry:
    I have an iPad, and the WIRED magazine issue. It’s amazing, but I’m worried about file size as that 1 issue is over 500 MB. Maybe it’s somewhere in Adobe’s documentation and I just missed it, but what kind of file sizes might we expect for magazines in this format. I know it’s individual based on the content chosen for the magazine, but anywhere in the ballpark of 500 MB for a magazine is way too large to make me want to chose it as a format. I didn’t buy the next issue of WIRED because of the cost, but because I don’t have enough space on my iPad. Any thoughts?

    1. The video must be the killer. I have subscribed to two digital versions of magazines through Zinio and their monthly titles run from 9 to 25 MB. I can view them at 200% without any noticeable loss of quality.

  2. The team at adobe revolutionizes the way we experience digital media with every update. AWESOME, GREAT TOOL This is.

  3. Hi Terry,

    I wonder how the “.Issue” format will affect the future of the ePUB format, especially now that iBooks for the iPad is video capable. I also wonder if Adobe may also be developing tools to make the export of an InDesign document with video to ePUB easy, or if Adobe is putting all its bets on this new format instead.

    Thanks for the heads up on this, and keep up the fantastic work!

  4. It’s already late summer. lol. I cannot wait for this tool to become avaulable to the general public. This no doubt will spawn the rise of great works from the populous. City, town and even neighborhood newspapers can bring news to it’s citizens in a rich, cross platform format.

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