Adobe Bridge CC vs. Lightroom 5


I have gotten the question “Which one is better, Bridge or Lightroom?” more times than I can remember. In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV the gloves come off for the ultimate smack down. Well actually no, they don’t. The gloves stay on because it’s not really a competition although there are those out there that feel that there needs to be a winner. Actually like many tools, both Bridge and Lightroom have their strengths and weaknesses. In this video I show you how each one works and more importantly which one might be best for you depending on the work you do. Also if you use Bridge or Lightroom I’ve included a few tips that you may not have known about each app.


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2 Replies to “Adobe Bridge CC vs. Lightroom 5”

  1. Hi Terry –

    I’ve just watched your video and I’m not going
    to ask you whether Lightroom or Bridge is best. However, I’m still not
    sure which would work best for us. We are a marketing department in a
    college, and have no staff photographer, but we do keep a folder for all
    our photos, which number probably about 1,000. We want to use either of
    these programs to start tagging and adding megadata – many of our
    pictures can be cross-referenced. We need to be able to share low res
    versions (read only) with our internal clients, but we can’t use our
    website and don’t have an intranet. Do you have any ideas of how we can
    make this work? Thanks.Christine

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