Add Images from Lightroom to your WordPress Blog Automatically

Although I really like WordPress as a blogging engine, I find the process of uploading and adding images to a post to be a bit archaic. You can style your blog just about any way you want using CSS. You can add video pretty easily from a variety of different sources. However, when it comes to adding images the process is still pretty painful and the one thing I dislike the most when it comes to writing a post. While you can upload multiple images at once using the built-in Flash based uploader, laying the images out one-by-one is tedious. You have to bring up the Import dialog each time. I found the Faster Image Insert WordPress Plugin and that has been a great productivity booster, but alas the process still requires that you prep the images first manually before you even bring up the uploader in the first place. That's where the LR/Blog plugin comes in.


LR/Blog is a Lightroom Plugin for Bloggers

With the LR/Blog Plug-in I can EASILY upload multiple images from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to my blog so that they are ready to insert into my post, directly from Lightroom. Once you install the (Lightroom) plug-in and configure it for your blog (including image dimensions, quality settings, etc.) you can then upload any images from any catalog directly to your blog. If the original images are in RAW/DNG, which most of mine are, the plug-in will do the temporary export to JPG first and upload the JPGs. This is MUCH FASTER than exporting out the JPGs first, then going to the browser and choosing them to upload. Of course it can also use your custom watermarks to watermark the images. Since it's an full fledged Export plug-in you can create one or more Export presets so that you can have a variety of different image export options at a click. Perhaps you like to upload both a thumbnail size and a larger size for people to click on. The plug-in even gives you the option of creating a post at the same time you do the export. With this option the images are not only uploaded, but they are also laid out via your custom HTML template into your post at the same time. Another option in this mode is the ability to insert captions under (or above) your photos from your metadata that you inserted while in Lightroom. 

While I don't always have the images that are going into my post in Lightroom, when I do I always use this plug-in to get them to my blog.

You can check out the LR/Blog plug-in here. It's donationware, which I happily donated to the developer!

20 Replies to “Add Images from Lightroom to your WordPress Blog Automatically”

  1. Really neat. I might actually go back to posting to my WordPress blog. Thanks, Terry!

  2. Thanks for this great tip. This was a missing part, it will save me lot of time! The developer will get rich I think.

    Gr. Eduard van Amstel
    The Netherlands

    PS hope you have enjoyed Amsterdam 🙂

  3. Finds like this is one of the reasons I check your blog everyday.

    I am curious as to what other readers consider a fair donation for a add on like this. I realize that it really is dependent on how much it may be worth to you personnally, but I would be interested in what others think.

    BTW really like the processing on the church image. I’m assuming that you used PSCS5 HDR Pro ?

  4. Then how do you correctly add pictures from you Adobe stored web site into my .Blobspot ? I know it says you can use the shared url that is provided but alas it does not work. Any suggestions?

  5. I have been using LR/Blog for a long time. It saves me so much time putting up my daily photo blog that it’s hard to believe. Its great software!

  6. Too bad there’s no plugin for Blogger. I am a photoblogger and I use Lightroom all the time and all I want is to have my processed photos directly uploaded to my blogger account. I hope someone can develop a Plugin just like this WordPress Plugin.

  7. hey Terry, with this plugin can I create a portfolio directly in my wordpress website.

    i’m looking for a handy solution to easily update a portfolio in a wordpress website, do you have any tips for that ?

    Thank you


  8. I’ve only recently started using wordpress on my website and have been really frustrated with the image upload process. Thanks so much for making me aware of this plugin, it will save me so much time in the future

  9. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the article 🙂

    Your readers might like to know that LR/Blog does support Blogger too, and it now also has native support for the NextGEN extension for WordPress.


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