A Couple of Cyber Monday Deals

It's Cyber Monday 2010 and I thought I'd share a couple of deals with you…

NAPP & Kelby Training

The guys over at NAPP and Kelby Training are having a ONE DAY Sale on, well, just about everything.

Check it out here.


Adobe Lightroom 3 (Mac/Win) is Half Off!

Amazon is running this sale (Full version for $149.99/Free Shipping) with no indication of how long it will last so hurry!


Amazon's One Week Sale

Amazon kicked off their one week holiday sale on Black Friday. However, there are new deals every day. Check them out here:


The guys over at LCD 4 Video are also have a Cyber Monday Sale

Many of the Black Friday Deals are still in effect until November 30th. Check them out here.

Also don't forget to check out the Deals on Apps here

CompUSA Best sellers

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  1. I’ve been waiting on something like this and this is perfect. Thanks Terry!

    BTW, I thought I saw you here in Chicago @ Heaven on Seven for lunch today. If your were, Whatz Up!

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