25 Fun Things To Ask Siri

I’ve gotta say that I’ve been having fun with Siri over the past weekend. Siri is the built-in digital assistent in the iPhone 4s. You can ask it things in plain English (or other languages) and it will either use its built-in intelligence to answer the question or it will offer up a web search. I’m pleased with how well it works most of the time. I’ve used it to respond to text messages, schedule meetings, do searches, and dictate emails. However, the developers behind Siri also have a sense of humor. Here are some useful and some fun things you can ask or say to Siri:


Who Are You?


Where am I?


Where is ________?

If you and your iOS 5 using friends are using the Find My Friends App from Apple, you can then simply Ask Seri where is _______? It also works for things like “where is my sister?”


How old are you?


Talk dirty to me

What’s the Weather Going to Be Like in _______ Next Week?


When will the world end?


What time is it in __________?


Is there a good Chinese Restaurant nearby?


What time does the sun go down?


Who’s on First?


Beam me up!


Will you marry me?


Who shot JR?


Where can I hide a body?


What is the meaning of life?


What do you look like?


What is your favorite color?



Take a photo.


Open the pod bay doors.


Who’s your daddy?


Knock knock


Tell me a joke.


Call me an ambulance.


What can I ask you?

On a serious note if you are looking for things that Siri can actually help you with. Just ask it “What can I ask you?” to get a sample list of the kinds of things you can ask Siri.


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