What’s NEW in iOS 9 and What Apple Didn’t Show Us?


Like many of you I upgraded my iPhone and iPad yesterday when iOS 9 was officially released. Looking at Apple’s website and looking at the WWDC Apple Keynote from earlier this year, I wasn’t really excited about the update. However, after spending some time digging a little deeper, I found some really cool features and hidden gems. Rather than listing them all here. I’d rather show them to you in action in this video – See What’s NEW in iOS 9 and What Apple didn’t show us:


  • nathanphotographer

    Not seeing any video here 🙁

  • Arya

    Well done! I got a lot out of this set of gems. Good research on your part, Terry!

  • Lynn Grillo

    That was terrific. Very helpful, Terry.

  • Usergnome

    Good feature Terry. It seems to me that 9 is also faster than 8. At least on my 6+

  • Lynn Grillo

    I don’t remember if you covered this. Does the new Wallet app allow you to delete multiple boarding passes at a time, or is it still a matter of slogging through individual passes to delete?