A Belt for Air Travel

I’m loving the fairly new TSA PreCheck program that lets frequent travelers go through security without having to take off their shoes, belts, and they can leave their gear in their bags. However, even with TSA PreCheck it’s random and every now and then I have to go through the regular security line. I’ve been traveling for a living for years and I can get through as fast as possible, but the one thing that I dislike the most is having to take off my belt. Well actually taking off my belt is no big deal, it’s the time it takes to put it back on that bugs me. We’re talking a few extra minutes here and while that might sound trivial, it seems like an eternity when you’re trying to get to your gate.

Do you really have to take off your belt?

TSA will absolutely make you take your belt off if they see it! Sometimes I’ve actually forgotten to take it off and my shirt was on the outside and long enough to go over it and as you would guess it was no problem. Even going through the body/back scatter scanner it was no issue. I thought, “cool I’ll just always wear my shirt on the outside and not take it off.” The only problem is that doesn’t work so well on walk through metal detectors that have the sensitivity turned up. My regular dress belts have metal buckles and they will set off metal detectors at various airports.

Get rid of the metal

Problem solved! I searched for a belt that contains no metal and I found a nice one! I used it going to and coming back from Photoshop World last week with no problem. The belt I found is nice because it looks like a regular dress belt and not some nylon sport belt. It’s also reversible with black on one side and brown on the other. However, I wouldn’t use it as my primary every day belt. I don’t think it would be strong enough for daily use. However, it’s definitely my new airport travel belt. I wear this one to the airport and just pack my regular belt in my carryon luggage.

This belt is also very useful for visiting other facilities where you have to pass through a metal detector. Our County building, which also houses the courts makes you go through a metal detector and so do most Federal buildings.

Check it out here.

Hey! That’s My Work in Print and On Display at Photoshop World

Photoshop World 2012 Show Guide – Model: Kandice Lynn, Makeup Artist: Houda Bazzi

Nothing pleases me more as a photographer than to see my work in print or on display. At this year’s Photoshop World Vegas my Egyptian themed shot was used in Westcott’s ad in the Photoshop World Conference Schedule/map book and the good folks over at Metal Mural had one of my images on display in their booth. See more of my work in print here.

Metal Mural Booth – Model: Aferdita DreSHaj, Makeup Artist: Renata MUA

I also caught this one!

The Westcott Shootout Contest – My image in the lower right corner

What I’m Teaching At Photoshop World Vegas Next Week

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to head out to one of my favorite shows – Adobe Photoshop World. As usual I have a slew of classes that I’m teaching on a variety of topics. Everything from using the iPad in your Digital Photography Workflow, to InDesign classes for Photographers and Designers, to Importing and Managing your Images in Lightroom 4. Also while I’ve got your attention, the class that I’m doing on creating Interactive Portfolios is based on using InDesign to create Interactive Portfolios for Tablets, not websites.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Why Adobe Revel 1.5 Just Became My Favorite Way to Show My Photography

Adobe Revel is Adobe’s Photography Cloud Service. There’s currently a desktop Mac version and an iOS Version. With the Revel Service you can add photos from any device, do non-destructive enhancements and see those photos on any device. While Revel isn’t new, the 1.5 update adds the one feature that I’ve been waiting for – ALBUMS! Now that I can organize my photos in Albums (I know, simple concept right?) It just became much more useful to me.

The Lightroom Integration is the Key

Adobe Revel as a stand alone product/service isn’t that interesting for my workflow. However, with the updated Lightroom 4.2 (RC) Publish Collection plug-in I can now create Smart Published Collections that mirror my Portfolios (Collections) in Lightroom.

This means that when I update any of my portfolios (collections), all I have to do is press the Publish button in the Revel area and those portfolios are sync’d to the cloud and therefore my iPad, iPhone and other Macs.

The Syncing is the Key

There are some really great Portfolio apps for the iPad out there that do all kinds of cool things. Many let you customize them with your own brand, they have nice transitions and they allow for music to play during the show. GREAT! However, where most of them fall down is the difficulty in updating or keeping the portfolios current. For example, one of my Portfolios called “Recent Work” It has 24 images in it and after each shoot I put 1-3 images in and remove the oldest ones keeping it at 24. This takes two seconds in Lightroom. Now getting most Portfolio apps to reflect that update is often a very manual process. With Revel, I hit the Publish button on my “Recent Work” smart collection and my iPad is updated!

Is it perfect?

Well no! Most things aren’t perfect. Revel on iOS was not designed to be a portfolio app! It doesn’t have branding, music, transitions, etc. However, those kinds of things are much easier to add over time than getting the workflow right and getting the workflow right is the most important thing for me. Lightroom 4.2 with Revel 1.5 Album support is just about there.

You can download the Lightroom 4.2 RC build from Adobe Labs. It also includes:

New Camera Support in Lightroom 4.2 Release Candidates

  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i
  • Canon EOS M
  • Fuji FinePix F800EXR
  • Leaf Credo 40
  • Leaf Credo 60
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ200
  • Panasonic DMC-G5
  • Panasonic DMC-LX7
  • Pentax K-30
  • Sony DSC-RX100
Also tethering for the Nikon D4 and D800/D800E

You can learn more about Adobe Revel here. Please note that Adobe Revel is a paid service and you can try it for 30 days at no cost.

Get Revel for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch here.
Adobe Revel - Adobe Systems Incorporated

Get Revel for Mac OS X here.
Adobe Revel - Adobe Systems Incorporated

20% Off CrashPlan Now thru 9/8/12

CrashPlan is my offsite/cloud backup of choice! I love the service and it has even saved my bacon a couple of times since I’ve been using it. Now it’s on sale for 20% off through Sept 8, 2012. Check it out here.

There are two types of computers users: those who have lost data and those who are about to lose data – BACKUP!

What good is your backup if it’s sitting next to your computer and you have a tragedy (fire, flood, theft, etc.)?

Exclusive Adobe Illustrator Update for Creative Cloud Members 8-28-12

We’re very excited to announce the release of a new set of Adobe Illustrator features exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud members and customers subscribed to Illustrator. These new features are being released to Creative Cloud members now, delivering on our promise that Creative Cloud members will get early VIP access to our latest innovations, including new features in our desktop software.

The three new features are focused on improving productivity, and will let you automatically package Illustrator projects and their related files for fast and accurate hand-offs, quickly unembed images that have been placed and embedded into Illustrator files, and more efficiently access information in linked files. To get these updates, just open Illustrator, and from the main menu, choose Help > Updates. Or download Illustrator for the first timehere.

To learn more visit the Illustrator or Creative Cloud product pages. If you aren’t a Creative Cloud member, or are signed up for the free Creative Cloud membership and want access to these Illustrator features, you can become a paid member here. Current Creative Suite customers can join Creative Cloud and get 40% off their first year of membership, and pay just US$29.99 per month for the first 12 months. See if you qualify.

 Are you missing out on my Bonus Content?

See more of my Adobe Creative Suite Videos on my Adobe Creative Suite Podcast and get the App here. It features EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that no one else gets to see. This episode has a BONUS CLIP that is available only in the App! My iOS App is a Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I also have an Android version:

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White - Wizzard Media

Special Savings of $400 On Adobe Photoshop CS6 Until Aug 28, 2012

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Hulu Plus vs Netflix on Apple TV

Now that Apple has quietly added Hulu Plus to Apple TV (just reboot your Apple TV and it will be there). You have a choice in streaming TV/Movie Content Providers. I have been a Netflix customer for many years. I became loyal to Netflix on the day I saw the first ad that stated “no late fees!” I was so tired of Blockbuster and Hollywood video constantly charging me if my DVD wasn’t turned in on time.  Yes being late is my responsibility, but watching movies by a certain day of the week didn’t always work for me. The Netflix model was much better. Keep it as long as you want. Those days are behind me. I don’t get DVDs/Blu-rays anymore in the mail. I do however stream Netflix content to my Apple TV and my iPad. Granted, it isn’t the quality of Blu-ray and you don’t have the latest movies to stream right away, but I can usually always find something to watch when I have time to watch. I don’t have to wait for a disc in the mail and I don’t have to return anything either. Yep, I’m a streaming kinda guy now.

Hulu Plus or Netflix

I wasn’t interested in Hulu Plus at all! I didn’t see any advantage over Netflix, but I decided that since it was now built-in to my Apple TV I’d give it a shot. Let’s go through a comparison now.

Hulu Plus on Apple TV

Netflix on Apple TV


Price – Hulu Plus is $7.99/month for unlimited watching and Netflix is $9.99/month for unlimited watching. The different is Hulu Plus still has commercials that you are forced to play before the program starts and usually in the middle of your show. There is no way to skip these ads. Right off the bat I have a problem paying for streaming AND seeing ads too! Netflix also offers plans that will include DVD/Blu-rays too. So for $17.98/month you get unlimited streaming AND 1 Blu-ray at a time (keep as long as you want with no late fees). This is the best of both worlds because you can still get a current movie on Blu-ray and stream everything else. I would have to give the price advantage to Netflix even though it’s $2 more, it doesn’t have ads.

Content – both Netflix and Hulu Plus have thousands of shows and movies, but the Netflix has more! More doesn’t necessarily mean better, but more is more. When you are looking for something to watch, chances are you’re more likely to find something on Netflix. Again Netflix has the advantage here especially if you’re more into movies. I would say that if you are more into TV shows you might like the Hulu Plus experience and content list a little better.

On Apple TV – As far as Apple TV is concerned the experience is about the same between the two services. You can search for shows by name, browse categories and see your recently watched shows.

Going mobile – both Netflix and Hulu Plus have mobile Apps that let you stream content to your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch. I’d call this one a tie.

Take them both for a test spin

Ultimately you will have to compare for yourself. I have no idea what shows or movies that you will be most interested in. For me the winner is Netflix if for no other reason I can’t stand the commercials on Hulu Plus. Luckily both services have trials. Again even when it comes to trails Netflix has the advantage. You can try Netflix for 30 days. You can try Hulu Plus for 1 week!


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